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Create your server
Your first time being here? No worries!
Start using Falix by creating your first server. Navigate to Create Server page and start the creation process by filling out the form.

Server Name: Name your server like 'Friends Server' or 'My Server'.
Server RAM: This might be bit confusing, but don't worry! Read our explanation by clicking here.

After you have filled the form, click 'Create' and... congratulations! Your first own server has been created. Navigate to 'Manage your server' to find out how to access it.
Manage your server
You have created your first server, what next?
Simple enough, you login to your game panel account by clicking the button 'Login to Game Panel' in the right corner of the servers table.

After it, you will see game panel interface. Find your server in the interface and click on it. After it, make sure to navigate to Versions tab which can be found in the navigation bar.

You will be then asked to select most appropriate software and version for your server. We recommend you to start with Paper since it is most optimized software available for all versions. Then please find your version and select it.

Once you have done that, your server has been installed. Now navigate to your server console and start the server by clicking the button 'Start'.

Awesome, your server is now running! Head to next tutorial to figure out how to connect to it.
Connect to your server
Your server is running, what next?
Time to play on it! But how?

Start your Minecraft client with the version you have selected in the game panel. Done? Alrightly.
You should now find your server unique hostname and its port, it can be found in bottom of the Console page. It usually starts with Found it? Select it and paste it in your Minecraft multiplayer.

Connect to it and... Awesome, you are in! Have fun with your friends! Simple as that.
What is Server RAM?
RAM (Random Access Memory) is a computer's short-term data storage, where the data that the server is currently using is stored. In case of Minecraft servers, it is used to store information about your Minecraft world and players. The higher RAM means the higher storage for your server to store information.

How much RAM do I need?

We would recommend you to settle with around 3-4 GB for your minimal configured Minecraft server (SMP). 6+ GB RAM would be only advisable in case of high amount of players or/and complex server configuration.

NOTE! High amount of RAM is not always good for your server since it could be mostly eaten by memory leaks (poor coded plugins) for no extra benefit.