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Create your server
Thanks for choosing Falix. This FAQ will assist you with creating your first server with us.

To start, hover to Create page and create your first server. You may optionally set these parameters for your server:

Server Name - You can name your server so that it's easier for you to recognize the server.

Server Subdomain - We provide free subdomains for all of your servers so you may create your own subdomain such as

Once you have created your server, please hover to second FAQ table to find what to do next.
Manage your server
You have your first server! What to do next?

At Falix, we always try to assist you in every step of the way to make sure to not waste your time and brain power. To start, please press 'Manage' button under your server which is available in main page.

Then, you will be promptly asked for server software and it's version. It depends on what are your needs but we generally recommend:

Purpur - Servers above 1.14+ which powers plugins or vanilla experience. It is compatible with CraftBukkit/Spigot plugins

Paper - Servers below 1.14+ which powers plugins or vanilla experience. It is compatible with CraftBukkit/Spigot plugins

Forge/Fabric - Servers which powers mods. Check if your mods support Forge or Fabric.

Bedrock Vanilla, PocketMineMP, NukkitX - All of these are fit for bedrock server.

Modpack installer - In case you want to install modpack, we have one in all tool for you.

Once you have decided on your new server software and version, make sure to press button 'install'.

Once it is installed, you are ready to start your server, please hover to third FAQ table.
Connect to your server
Your server is ready to be started. To start your server, hover to Console page and press button 'Start' under the terminal tab.

Your server will be started and it will be ready to accept players in just few minutes.

In order to connect to your server, hover over your console page and you will find IP Address/Subdomain such as or

Please copy one of them and paste it in your Minecraft client.

If Minecraft tells you 'invalid username' or 'failure to verify username', please use these steps:

Go to your server file manager and select file

Edit online-mode to false.

You may also have to edit enforce-secure-profile to false if you are running newer versions of Minecraft.

Make sure to restart your server after editing these parameters.

You are now ready to connect! Have great gaming.